Unlocking Wealth: How Wealthyhood Transformed Investor Education with Finimize


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When Wealthyhood’s founders decided to build their platform, they knew how important education was for beginner investors to successfully kick off their journey into investing.

At first, lacking the time and skills to create content in house, they hired a team of freelancers. But they quickly realized it wasn’t working.

  • The Wealthyhood team now spends less than an hour a day managing content
  • Since 2022, new and existing users have been improving their investment knowledge via the website’s Learn section
  • The in-app WealthyHub launched in 2023, providing users with even more investment insights and education

Wealthyhood quickly spun up a new education hub on their website and populated it with content from Finimize's educational guides. The team was able to white label the content and fit it natively into Wealthyhood's ecosystem.

  • Users engaged more
  • Users left more positive feedback 
  • Users reported feeling more confident thanks to Finimize’s educational guides

Finimize were pioneers in educational content for investing. I wake up every morning to the daily brief. When I found out we could partner together, it was a no-brainer.

Their story 

CEO Alex Christodoulakis is a premium Finimize user and starts his day with our Daily Brief, so when the freelancers’ content came back, he knew it wasn’t even close to how good investment content can be. 

Either the tone was too formal and off putting for new investors or it just wasn’t accurate enough to be much use. Unwilling to compromise on quality, Wealthyhood shelved the freelancers' work.

In 2022, however, Alex realized that he could support the Wealthyhood community with Finimize’s content. Not long after, he gave us a call. 

Finimize were pioneers in educational content for investing. I wake up every morning to the daily brief. When I found out we could partner together, it was a no-brainer.

Alexandros Christodoulakis, CEO


Once the partnership kicked off, it was time to integrate our content into the Wealthyhood ecosystem. Wealthyhood chose Finimize Select which offers content licenses with manual access to utilize our web platform and access content via general search and predefined hubs. Offering bookmarks to curate the ideal content experience for their users by simply downloading what's relevant. 

The business integration was very smooth. Within a weekend we had all the content we needed to go live in the app.

Alexandros Christodoulakis, CEO

What was the impact? 

Wealthyhood’s user-base features a lot of beginner investors (at least when they first join the platform), so the company really understands how impactful educational content can be. 40% of investors choose not to invest because they simply don’t know how and 70% would be more likely to invest, or invest more, with expanded financial education.* 

Not long after the partnership began, Wealthyhood started seeing the right traction and results and within a year had upgraded its content license to include additional Finimize content types such as our Daily News and Analyst Insights. Finimize News gives readers two minute bitesize insights from world-class analysts to empower people to become smarter investors, while Finimize Analyst Insights compiles eight hours of analyst research into investing ideas, opportunities and walk-throughs of professional techniques and strategies.

These two content types also power Wealthyhood’s “Wealthybites” daily newsletter and the recently launched WealthyHub, an in-app space for users to access news, educational guides, and market insights.

Before Finimize’s content, Wealthyhood users really didn’t engage with the content on the platform. Now they’re consistently engaging. 

The partnership has also freed up the time of the Wealthyhood team to focus on the business as all their daily content work can be done in under an hour. Every day, the team selects one chapter from a Finimize education guide for the newsletter where it’s joined by the first few lines from our daily Analyst Insights. From there, users can click through to the Wealthyhood app where they can learn more as the insights are featured in the WealthHub section. They’re also shared across the Wealthyhood socials.


Partnering with Finimize has saved Wealthyhood time and resources. Through Finimize Select, the company gets access to expert-written content from top-tier analysts that they can share with their own users to help them become smarter and more active investors. 

I personally have peace of mind knowing that the “Good Piece of the Day” is written by Finimize, delivered on a daily basis and it’s good content put out there under the WealthyHub section of the app. The main thing is peace of mind, I don’t have to worry about the content anymore, we know that the frequency is good, we know that the result is good, so we are happy with that. On the actual day-to-day operations, the whole thing is something we distribute daily and it’s helpful with just copying and pasting the content on our server everyday.

Alexandros Christodoulakis, CEO

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