5 Ways To Engage Retail Investors On Social Media

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Author: Eddie Donmez, Lead Content Creator & Global Markets Analyst at Finimize

I've been creating finance content for social media for just under a year and I've gained 74k+ followers on LinkedIn, driving millions of impressions and engagements. Below I share key learnings for brands engaging modern retail investors on social media.

Consistency is key - my LinkedIn content performance over 90 days. Source: LinkedIn Analytics

1. Add value and ask for nothing back

The number one priority for generating engagement is providing high-quality content consistently. You need to build a loyal following of engaged users who trust you before even thinking about getting them to do something you want. Play the long game and build trust by adding massive value with no expectations. You will be rewarded with a large following and content your audience loves that will drive revenue for your business.

2. Cut 50% of your copy

We are living in an attention economy. Everyone is busy. Modern retail investors spend, on average, 15min a day catching up on market news. A long-winded post is the correct way to put them off. It also means that they are less likely to absorb the key points you want to get across. Be critical of yourself. Did you get the three crucial points that you wanted to convey? If not, start again.

3. Write for mobile

Make your content mobile-friendly. 70% of people are likely to consume your content on their phones. That means your graphic should be eye-catching enough to stop someone scrolling and give you their valuable attention. Make sure your formatting is clear, aesthetically pleasing, and digestible. Remember, you are competing with millions of other pieces of content across various channels. Your opening line is 99% of your success. You have two lines to grab your audience's attention, so they hit that expand button. Make it count.

4. Educate, entertain or inspire

Generate an emotional response. Studies have shown that successful marketing appeals to consumers' emotional and psychological needs. In other words, demonstrating how a product or service will improve your customers' lives is more likely to be successful than simply explaining what it is and how it works. Aim to educate, entertain or inspire with your content. Your content should do one of these three things. The best pieces of content do two or more.

5. Experiment and use data

Follow the data on what works and do more of it. If something doesn't work, don't keep doing it - stay nimble and fluid, constantly iterating and adapting your strategy, and watch your following and content engagement grow.

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