The Finimize Omnichannel Spotlight

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Carl Hazeley

VP of Content

Modern investors are busy people. Even if they’re cash-rich, they’re time-poor: amid all their other professional and personal commitments, they’re only spending 15 minutes a day thinking about where to put their money to grow their net worth. It’s a tiny window of time, most often carved out on commutes or between meetings – and it’s very easy to miss.

Building engagement with retail investors means showing up at the right time, in the right place, with the right message. To stay top of mind, your brand needs to be present at every touchpoint, consistently serving up the content that investors value. Informing, educating and empowering investors builds trust, so that when they’re ready to invest, they come to you.

The omnichannel engagement gap

To make sure you’re top-of-mind when that 15-minute window opens up, it’s critical to take an omnichannel approach. Ensuring your brand is embedded in all the places investors come looking for answers – be that social media, newsletters, podcasts or events – builds your visibility, and makes it more likely investors will see you in the moment they’re making investment decisions. But it’s easier said than done: scaling content consistently across multiple channels is expensive and requires a large, multi-disciplinary team to do well.

And hitting lots of channels is only half the challenge. Even with an omnichannel strategy and a big advertising budget, it’s hard to move past exposure to meaningful engagement: research shows that the effectiveness of advertising on some platforms is overestimated by as much as 4,000%. One reason for that is the quality of the audience. Audiences might appear to tick all the right boxes in terms of demographics and interests, but if they don’t have cash to invest, they might not be the most valuable people to target. If they’re only interested in financial news, and not ready to invest, you can waste a lot of ad spend on clicks that don’t result in conversions.

Steering audiences through a cohesive customer journey across channels can help increase your chances of conversion. But spreading your ad spend across multiple advertising platforms isn’t the best way to do it. It might increase your reach, sure, but it means you’re showing up in front of a slightly different audience every time – not the same people multiple times. In fact, 56% of ad impressions are never seen by consumers. 

That means it will take longer, and cost more, to move them through the funnel to conversion. According to Marketo, fewer than 50% of leads are actually ready to buy when they enter your system. The only way to drive conversions is to nurture relevant audiences across channels by consistently serving up valuable content, and keeping them engaged as you move them through the marketing funnel. An omnichannel approach enables you to guide targets on a journey from awareness, through to trust, and then to action.

Finimize engages active investors across channels

Consistently serving up relevant content to the same audience of investors is the best way to drive conversion. Finimize Promote makes this possible.

Full-funnel approach

We’ve built a highly engaged, highly relevant audience of investors across four owned channels: social media, newsletters, podcasts, and events. Investors already come to Finimize specifically to get actionable, jargon-free insights about how to increase their net worth. Over 400,000 follow us on social; over 850,00 subscribe to our daily newsletter, our podcasts have been listened to more than 250,000 times this year alone; and 100,000 people came to our events in 2022. We embed your brand into the content we deliver on a daily basis, so your solutions are showcased in the places investors are already looking for answers. Because we own our channels, we help you develop a message that resonates, and design a coherent customer journey that primes investors for action.

Active investor audience

Our  million-strong audience of investors aren’t just interested in investment news and insights: they’re ready to invest. Our Modern Investor Pulse revealed that almost half are planning to invest $5,000 to $100,000 in the year ahead. representing a huge opportunity for the brands that can capture their attention – especially when you consider that 40% of Finimize users say they’ve taken action based on our content.

Unparalleled engagement

After years of listening to our audience, we know what they want from financial brands. Our engagement rates prove it: Finimize users spend 10% longer absorbing our content than our competitors. Our newsletter boasts a 52% open rate, and our podcast completion rate is double the industry average. In fact, 26% of Finimize Premium subscribers who listen to one content piece go on to listen to seven more in a week. That means more opportunities to share valuable content with investors, and more likelihood that they’ll convert.

Engage investors at every touchpoint

Finimize Promote puts  your brand in the right place, at the right time.

You can mix and match channels to build a customer journey that’s tailored to your goal – whether you want to build top-of-funnel awareness, drive bottom-of-funnel conversion, or feed an end-to-end content strategy. We surface your brand content across our social media and newsletters, so you can start to build awareness and trust with retail investors. Next, we work with you to create growth content, including podcasts and educational guides, helping educate investors and guide them towards taking action. Finally, we create custom events where you can speak directly to high-intent audiences, and empower them to become confident investors.

With highly-engaged audiences across multiple channels, Finimize Promote can help you achieve a multiplier effect unmatched by other advertising platforms. That was the experience of one Finimize client – a global retail investment platform that wanted to embed itself into the learning experience of the retail investing community, and improve investors’ skills and confidence. Working together, we built an omnichannel strategy that generated better brand awareness, high-quality leads and account creations – and we could help you achieve the same.

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Our Partners

Representative Case Study

Based on real client data.

Who is Acme Inc.?

Acme Inc. is a leading global retail investment platform that wants to enable financial freedom for its customers. It has a track record of innovation and aims to give its customers the best tools and information to inspire the confidence they need to invest successfully. 


Acme Inc. had a flagship campaign that aimed to improve investors’ skills and confidence. The firm’s goal was to embed itself into the learning experience of the retail investing community at large.


Finimize and Acme Inc. took a multi-channel approach to drive awareness, trust, and engagement.

Education can help investors flourish: that was the keystone of our partnership with Acme Inc., driving engagement through the clued-in Finimize Community.

Over three months, we identified – through our proprietary data and user interviews – critical topics that addressed core concerns of the Finimize community and focused on them each in turn.

  • Newsletter Features: Through multiple newsletter placements, we took Finimize Daily Newsletter subscribers on a journey of raising awareness of what Acme Inc. has to offer, building trust by highlighting insights from Finimize content produced in partnership with Acme Inc., and then calling to action once the first two steps are well established.

  • Social Media: Regular posts help meet retail investors in native environments, raising mass brand awareness, and priming investors for further education and action.
  • Educational Guides: Our analysts produced high-quality, educational, and actionable co-branded guides hosted on the Finimize website for each month’s topic. The guides serve as a content hub and demand engine for Acme Inc. – both within our Community and beyond.
  • Community Events: We co-hosted “deep dive” events that delivered even more information about each topic of the month. Expert guests from Acme Inc. shared timely and thoughtful insights that dig deeper into each month’s selected topic. The live Q&A that followed gave attendees a chance to ask about the trends and themes that matter most to them.


We delivered in line Acme Inc.’s expectations. The firm saw:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • High-quality lead generation 
  • Account creation 

As a result, Acme Inc. has become a recurring partner of Finimize, expanding into a nine-month campaign with a broader set of aims.