How IFA Networks Can Embrace This New Era Of Investing

Written by

Carl Hazeley

VP of Content

The financial advice market is set to change dramatically. Opinium’s research shows that 75% of independant financial advisors (IFAs) plan to retire over the next ten years, with nearly one-third exiting over the next five. That means retaining and acquiring new advisors is more crucial than ever. 

At the same time, a Standard Life study revealed a staggering £1 trillion is set to transfer from older generations to younger, modern investors. What’s more, a study by Deloitte showed that 90% of those heirs change their advisor after they’ve inherited money. 

The professional advice industry can turn that change into opportunity: equip forward-thinking advisors to prepare for the era of wealthy modern investors, and networks can become the partner of choice.

Financial firms need to adjust to the new generation

Modern investors now feel comfortable taking control over their wealth goals, as today’s sprawling high-quality content and investment platforms have made investing much more accessible. In fact, our poll showed that 80% of respondents don’t have an ongoing relationship with an advisor. That might be fine for young earners, but as their lives and financial circumstances – this group stands to inherit a ton of wealth, remember – become more complex over the years, they’ll seek professional help. 

Generation Xers and Millennials will control 50% of all household wealth by 2030. Financial networks, then, need to be able to offer tools built for this generation, not their grandparents. Our research reveals modern investors are time-short and action-oriented: they learn by doing. They’re also less guarded than older generations. 94% of the investors we surveyed discuss investment decisions with friends and family, and they value communities that come together to discuss ways to build wealth. 

Understand the modern investor

Younger investors are expected to one day boast a combined wealth of £1 trillion. By partnering with Finimize, financial networks and advisors can tap into this growing, lucrative, and increasingly influential generation.

See here at Finimize, we know what modern investors want – and we can share that with you. Our community is over one-million strong, with hundreds of thousands of readers checking in every day. That’s not by chance: with thorough and regular research, we’ve honed our data-driven content to produce bite-sized, industry-leading investment insights that folk actually want to read. That’s why our newsletter open rates are above 50%, completion rates are industry-leading, and our audio product racks up completion rates double the podcast industry average. 

Grow your business
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Our Partners

Business is all about keeping your audience engaged. An engaged user’s more likely to be an active one, which generates more revenue on average and is 50% less likely to scoot off to a rival provider. Finimize content produces industry-leading engagement metrics: our monthly active user count is toward 50%, a social media-like level, with 90% of users surveyed saying our content’s enhanced their investment knowledge.

Finimize partners unlock insights written by our experienced team of data-driven editors and analysts, who cut their teeth at major financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Fidelity. Our system for producing hyper-relevant content is called the Finimize flywheel: it’s a continuous process of collecting and analyzing data, adapting to feedback, and responding to timely market developments to produce best-in-class engagement.

And because the Finimize community is a friendly bunch, they like to get together at investing-themed events. More than 15,000 investors attend our annual summit to share ideas and connect with experts and pioneering brands. Throughout the year, community hosts hold events across the world to discuss topical opportunities and themes.

Bring market-leading engagement to your network

Forward-thinking advisors are seeking innovative network partners with access to the best suite of technology solutions and support. That’s because their clients consume advice differently to their parents and grandparents. By licensing Finimize content, you can bring world-class content to you and your clients however suits you best – and it should cost you a lot less than doing it in-house.

Take a look at our return on investment (ROI) grid. Based on an average advisor fee of 1% of assets under management (AUM) and a network revenue share of 20%, a £50,000 investment in Finimize would be recovered immediately by acquiring just five new small advisors. Attract more, or bigger, clients, and your ROI increases exponentially.  

Finimize could be a gateway to the modern investor for you and your advisors: let’s talk.