How To Efficiently Produce Hyper-Relevant Content For Retail Investors

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Carl Hazeley

VP of Content

Creating content that keeps up with the latest trends, strikes the right tone, and actually helps retail investors has never been so important. And unfortunately, lots of financial services firms don’t have the time, money, or in-house expertise to do it well. At Finimize, we’ve cracked the code: our content production process blends analyst expertise, proprietary data, and user feedback to create content that’s tailor-made to fit retail investors’ needs. And the best bit? Your customers can benefit too.

Meet the Finimize proprietary content production engine

Our content production engine is the driving force behind our distinctive process. It’s powered by our analysts’ expertise, unique partner insights, our community, and data – and allows us to produce highly relevant content.

The four key ingredients

  1. Analyst expertise: Our analyst team has close to a century of combined experience analyzing financial markets, with cross-asset and cross-sector experience at firms including Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Schroders, and Fidelity. That expertise allows our analysts to bring steady hands, clear-eyed realism, and a wealth of experience to the content we produce, cutting through the daily noise in markets and focusing on what truly matters.
  2. Partner expertise: By tapping into the specialist insight and know-how of partners like the Bank of England (when producing our guide on the role of central banks, for example), we can bring their unique expertise to our content and boost its relevance.
  3. Community zeitgeist: Our premium members tell us what they’re focusing on and the key questions they’re looking for answers to, through chat groups, surveys, and request forms – giving us a real-time source of intelligence about how the retail investor community is feeling and allowing us to tailor content to meet their specific needs.
  4. Consumption data: We track 5 billion data points each year related to how every single piece of content we publish is consumed, including on how our members engage with it, whether they find it insightful, and its commercial impact. That ensures we maintain a data-driven approach to producing content and refining our processes.

That’s all enabled by our proprietary, custom-built technology that encompasses a state-of-the-art content management system and data intelligence tools.

Why should I care?

Our process drives two major outcomes:

1. Super-efficient content production

Our process lets us anticipate how content will perform before we publish it. We understand who wants to read or listen to each piece, why they want to engage with it, and what value they expect the piece to deliver. That knowledge keeps our curation highly informed, and ensures our process is far more efficient than legacy media.

When it comes to efficiency, Finimize is leagues ahead of legacy media – between 3 and 16 times more efficient, to be exact.

Source: Company websites and Finimize

2. Hyper-relevant content

Our content is tailored to the interests and needs of the retail investor community at large, but it’s also alert to the concerns of high-net-worth individuals. And that means our content engine – clued-in to trending topics and new opportunities – exposes investors to fresh perspectives and ideas they might otherwise have missed. The upshot: a more engaged, informed, and confident retail investor.

Capture the power of the Finimize process

See, when it comes to understanding retail investors, we don’t just passively “keep our ear to the ground”: we pull out all the stops to make sure that we know the retail community better than anybody else. Check out our market-leading survey of investor strategies and sentiments, the Modern Investor Pulse.

Partnering with Finimize lets financial services firms serve up tantalizing content that engages, educates, and retains clients. With our winning formula at your fingertips, you’ll be primed for more engaged clients, better retention rates, and stronger relationships. And the cherry on top: the Finimize Content API makes plugging in a total breeze.

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