How To Produce Content That Engages Retail Investors Better Than Anyone Else

Written by

Carl Hazeley

VP of Content

You may already know that our production process blends analyst expertise with proprietary data and member feedback to create content that's tailor-made to fit retail investors’ needs. But making sure that content is more engaging than others’  is also down to another key ingredient: our hand-picked team of analysts, editors, and audio specialists. With our all-star team taking care of the heavy lifting, you can rest assured that the content they produce is in safe, expert hands.

Our analysts have experience and skill

Our analysts are dab hands at clued-in analysis on everything from green energy to global macro strategies. And that’s no wonder: they’ve got over 100 years of combined experience – an average of 16 years each – having trained and honed their skills at top-tier investment banks and asset managers like Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and Fidelity. Their pedigree means they're perfectly placed to keep Finimize members informed about what matters most in financial markets – and why they should care.

Discussing Tesla on CNBC, April 2023

Day in, day out, Finimize analysts monitor market developments, spot emerging trends, and sift through mountains of financial data – enlisting their specialist skills and putting in the hours modern investors don't have – to spotlight investment ideas and piece together insights that help investors level up.

And our analysts aren’t operating in the dark, either: we don't just write, publish, and hope we’ve hit the mark. Our analysts keep their fingers firmly on the pulse of investor sentiment, holding regular talks and Q&A sessions with our community. The upshot of that is analysis that's tailor-made to fit users' keenest interests and biggest concerns – and that’s always going to hit the bullseye.

See, we aim to provide smart, unbiased, and insightful analysis, and that approach has got our content creation down to a science. Our expert analysts draw from their deep subject knowledge to craft engaging analysis that’s both intelligent and relatable. And because we don’t offer investment execution, we’re able to maintain our commitment to being the impartial and unbiased platform our members trust. Finally, our analysts uncover valuable takeaways and investment ideas hidden beyond the headlines – making our content as insightful as it comes.

Our editors bring clarity and style

Working side-by-side with our analysts are our editors, who earned their stripes in journalism, digital publishing, and short-form content. Their job: keeping our distinctive tone light, lucid, and jargon-free, without sacrificing an iota of accuracy. And they’re not just giving words a polish. Our editors are stand-ins for our readers: they hold our analysts to account, asking questions that might’ve been left unanswered, and making sure analysts connect the dots in a way that educates while it informs and entertains. Then, our editors shape analysts’ work into something sharp, focused, and actionable – creating content that’s as straight-talking as it is smooth-toned.

The result is insight-rich content that’s been wordsmithed by experts in copy, making it conversational, easy to understand, and entertaining. Maintaining those high standards takes work, sure – but it’s key to keeping our content a cut above the rest. And you don’t need to take our word for it: time and again, our members say that our lucidity, light touch, and sense of humor set our content apart and keep them coming back on the daily.

Our audio producers drive immersion and convenience

The audio team at Finimize is made up of confident, expansive presenters who fine-tune our writing for audio – letting our members listen and learn on the go. See, our analysts and editors produce content that flows conversationally in text, and turning that into an engaging audio narrative is a skill in and of itself – so our audio producers work with our editors to craft an audio script that’s as appealing as its text counterpart. With first-class production values as their stock in trade, they’ve got a keen ear for editing, mixing, and mastering the perfect audio experience.

For members, those immersive listening sessions help turn dead time and boring tasks into opportunities to fine-tune their portfolios. For Finimize and our partners, that audio content helps to keep users informed, captivated, and wholly engaged.

When you put it all together, then, you get content that’s insight-rich because it's produced by expert analysts, engaging to read because it's been wordsmithed by world-class editors, and utterly compelling to listen to because it's been crafted for the ear by our audio specialists.

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Why should I care?

Finimize content is a habit driver

The proof is in the numbers: 26% of Finimize Premium subscribers who listen to just one content piece go on to listen to more than 8 pieces each week. In fact, our audio analysis and audio news consistently captivate investors, boasting completion rates of around 70% and 80% respectively – a level of engagement that towers over the podcast industry average, where only 40% of listeners stay tuned through entire podcast episodes (source: Amplifi Media).

Finimize content is more engaging

Our content doesn’t just engage: it mesmerizes. Garnering 70% more attention than the industry average, Finimize’s audio content only amplifies that effect, achieving 2.6 times greater engagement than text (source: Finimize, Contently). What’s more, users spend about 10% more time immersing themselves in our platform compared to our peers (source: Finimize, SimilarWeb). And those metrics are bolstered by industry-leading daily newsletter open rates of 50% on average – proving that we have a pretty good idea of what makes retail investors tick.

Finimize content helps investors make more informed decisions

And we don’t just drive engagement: we can inform decision-making too. After all, 40% of users say they’ve taken financial action on the back of our writing, and 92% have learned something new about finance or investing from us.

The very best bit, though, is how well Finimize content performs outside our own ecosystem. After all, content API partners report that 65% of users who engage with one article in a week come back for more – and our partnership with renowned Irish broker Goodbody saw 70% of customers reporting “high user satisfaction”.

Our team, your goals

We’re confident that nobody delights and engages investors like our very own team of analysts, editors, and audio specialists. With our experience and fresh ideas, bright and breezy style, and pitch-perfect audio, you'll be all set to engage customers, strengthen relationships, and take retention rates to the next level. And with the Finimize Content API putting our analysts in your customers’ pockets, getting started has never been easier.