The Challenge Of Creating Effective In-House Content

Written by

Carl Hazeley

VP of Content

Modern investors are hungry for quality content that teaches them how to increase their net worth. But they’re struggling to find it: while there’s a glut of information available to them, much of it fails to cut through.  It’s dense, contradictory, or just dull. That represents a big opportunity for financial brands that can capture the attention of time-poor, action-oriented investors with content that answers their questions.

We know from our experience developing a millions-strong community of active retail investors that what they really want is one thing: to know how to make smarter investment decisions. The brands that can create hyper-relevant content targeted to that goal will win meaningful engagement – not just generic views and clicks.  As we see it, hyper-relevant content has two key attributes. To engage retail investors, content has to be:

  1. Accessible: Retail investors want content that’s concise, actionable, and pitched at the right level.
  2. Insightful: Retail investors want insightful analysis, performed by industry experts.

Hyper-relevant content is hard to create at scale

Creating hyper-relevance is a major challenge. Whether in-house or third-party, content teams tend to nail one aspect of hyper-relevance, but struggle to deliver both.

Content marketers are good at making content that’s accessible, but it lacks expertise. No matter how well they write, they simply don’t have the knowledge to look at market news and draw valuable conclusions from it. 

The alternative is to hire a team of analysts to produce content. They might have the domain expertise, but can struggle with some of the marketing aspects – and that means the end product suffers. They lack knowledge around editing and distribution. They might lose sight of the right tone of voice, slip into investing jargon, and end up creating content that requires expert knowledge to read as well as write. 

And there’s the additional challenge of retaining analysts in content marketing roles. It’s asking a lot to expect them to manage content calendars, navigate compliance hurdles and own processes outside their area of interest. Analysts aren’t content specialists, and can find it frustrating when they’re expected to perform as if they are. It’s expensive to hire them in the first place – let alone repeat the process when they inevitably tire of corporate cultures for which they are a poor fit. That means that content production becomes increasingly inefficient – especially as you attempt to scale it sufficiently to feed an effective, multi-channel content strategy.

Finimize delivers efficient, engaging content

Finimize solves these problems. Our content solutions help you achieve outsized engagement at scale.

Finimize content is hyper-relevant by design. We cover the topics that retail investors care about, and serve up the insights that they want, but struggle to find elsewhere.

We know it works. When Goodbody, Ireland’s leading Financial Services firm, asked its customers about their experience reading the Finimize Daily Brief, 82% said it was easy to read, and over 70% found the content useful. 

It’s that combination of insight and accessibility that makes Finimize content so relevant to retail investors, and so engaging. Across channels and formats, Finimize content consistently achieves outcomes that are far above the industry average. Our news and analysis audio solutions see twice the completion rate of the average podcast, for instance.

Finimize content solutions are unique in their ability to match engagement with efficiency: we produce content between 3 to 16 times more efficiently than traditional media.

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Finimize makes it possible for Financial Services to unlock unprecedented scale. Consistency is critical when it comes to building relationships with retail investors – by sharing quality content consistently, our content has been engaged with over 100 million times through our directly owned channels between just April and November 2023 alone.

But that kind of consistency is near-impossible to achieve with limited in-house resources. In one single month, we produced 265 content pieces for LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok. That’s well beyond the reach of most in-house teams, and a large part of the reason why Wealthyhood chose to work with Finimize instead: “If you’re a start-up then using Finimize to scale your in-app content instead of doing that in-house makes it a lot easier.”

An insights engine fine tuned for growth

Finimize has something other content teams and solutions don’t: a self-reinforcing flywheel. We pair world-class analysts with expert editors. They’re tuned in to the conversations that modern retail investors really care about, collecting and analyzing key data, adapting to feedback, and responding to market developments as they happen. And together, they've created a library of relevant content that's proven to engage. 

Our analysts can speak to market trends, and tease out the insights that add value for investors. Our editors know how to deliver those insights impactfully, and to navigate the many analytical, editorial, administrative, and compliance processes involved in taking a blank sheet to a published piece. The end result is hyper-relevant, insightful and accessible content that you can use to scale efficiently. 

Our tested insights engine guarantees engagement and drives revenue growth. There are two ways you can use it:

  1. Finimize Select: Self-Serve from our library to pull in chosen content as and when you need it.
  2. Finimize Connect: Automatically deliver relevant content from our library through your channels using our API.