Modern Investor Pulse — Q3/2022

Retail Investors Confident
Despite the Market Volatility

September 2022

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For many retail investors, the current market environment is like nothing they’ve experienced before. In the face of high inflation, rising interest rates, and a falling stock market, we wanted to understand how our community is adapting. Ahead of our annual Modern Investor Summit on December 6th-7th we reached out to our Finimize Community – and asked about their current investing mindset and strategies. Read on to see how the current environment has shifted their way of thinking and what it all might mean for brands operating in the retail investor space.



of the Finimize community continue to invest – 41% plan to maintain their current investment levels, 36% plan to reduce it, and 13% plan to expand it.


are worried about the impact of current market conditions on their investments.


plan to invest in index funds, and 32% continue to show confidence in digital currencies (crypto).

Almost 90% plan to continue investing despite rising inflation

More than half, or 53%, of the community plan to invest the same (41%) or more (12%) than they have been. And confidence appears to grow with experience: 55% of Finimize community members with ten or more years of investing experience say they plan to invest the same amount or more. Overall, 36% of respondents say they’ll invest less, thanks to inflation.

How much will inflation impact the amount you invest?

I’ll invest the same as usual

I’ll invest less as usual

I’ll invest more than as usual

I won’t be able to invest

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“Downturns have always occurred and eventually passed; holding and riding through the storm always prevailed.”

Recession’s on everyone’s mind

Beyond the headlines, retail investors are starting to see rising prices impact their daily lives. It’s no surprise then that 53% of the respondents say they’re worried about the current market conditions and a recession's impact on their investments. However, they are nonetheless displaying a more long-term mindset and approach – recognizing recession as part of the market’s usual cycles.

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“Try to see beyond five years. All these interest rates and inflation are just noise for now. If your horizon is long enough, it doesn’t matter in the long run.”

Do the current downturns in the markets and speculation of an incoming recession worry you?



Horizontal bar chart in red and blue.

Index Funds are making a comeback with interest sustained in digital assets (crypto)

Asked where they plan to invest, 58% of respondents said they’re looking to index funds, up from 36% just three months ago. 43% said they’re looking to tech stocks, and 32% plan to invest in digital assets (crypto).

Long-term belief in crypto is more popular with newer investors. People with three or four years of investing experience are twice as likely to invest in crypto (40%), compared to those with ten or more years of investing (19%). The inverse is true for bonds: investors with ten-plus years of experience are more than twice as likely to invest in bonds than those with less than two years of experience investing.

max rothery, vp community

“The lack of interest in bonds is often put down to the fact they’re just not sexy. But digging deeper, people invest in what they know. The fact is today’s investor has a better understanding of the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies than the link between bonds, inflation, and interest rates.”

Where do you plan to invest in the next 6 months?

Index Funds

Tech Stocks






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“I’ve been upgrading my portfolio; selling some of my underperforming stock and upgrading quality.”

What does this mean for brands?

Here to stay

Retail investors are a growing force in capital markets. They are shifting their behaviors toward building wealth over time and becoming more sophisticated in their investing approach. They are displaying confidence in their skills, diversifying investments, and looking to explore new asset classes. By developing a better understanding of their motivations and needs, brands can uncover growth opportunities.

Education as enabler

According to research from The World Economic Forum, 74% of retail investors would invest more if they had additional opportunities to learn about investing. Modern investors learn by doing, and seek advice and information from their communities. Being time-poor, retail investors need an education that serves their needs – always on, multi-channel, bite-sized, and easy to digest. Better-informed retail investors make better portfolio decisions, which lead to using more investment products and services.

Trust as a conduit for action

Trust in the financial system and investing platforms is cited as one of the most common obstacles that hold people back from investing. In times of uncertainty, consumers turn to brands they trust. Helping retail investors navigate the markets will reward brands with a loyal customer base. This means meeting investors where they are and having conversations they want to have. Help retail investors discover your brand at the right time and empower them to take action by offering high-quality educational content that they value.

The Finimize community at a glance

Finimize is a community of 1 million+ modern retail investors who turn to Finimize to grow their money skills – daily. They are time-poor - spending 15 mins or less reading about the markets on a daily basis, community-driven - 94% discuss their investments with friends and family, and affluent - 50% of members have at least $1K a month to invest. Learn more about our community here.

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Data collected from Finimize Community
Data collection: August/September 2022

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