Q3 - 2023

Finimize Modern Investor Pulse

We put the spotlight on thousands of retail investors from our million-strong global community to learn how they feel about markets and investing – and crucially, how they plan to act. For financial services firms, our data shows that educating retail clients on the value of financial advice right now is key to retaining them in both the short and long term. Companies that get this right could gain an edge, while those that don't might find themselves playing catch-up.

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The Finimize Index

Retail Investor sentiment vs. the s&p 500

The Finimize Index tracks Retail Investor sentiment across our 1M+ community and is updated every quarter. As a percentage of respondents, retail investors have moved pretty closely with the market trend.

Q: Do you think global stock markets will be higher 12 months from now?
Q: How would you like to manage your investments in the future?

retail investors want greater control of their wealth

Respondents’ overwhelming preference for self-managing their investments could reflect the fact that the majority of them – particularly younger investors – believe that the financial service industry doesn’t provide enough financial advice through the products and services on offer.

Q: Which AI stocks are you planning on investing in?

AI Stocks top The list

Microsoft and Nvidia came out on top of retail investors’ single-stock investment lists, which isn't too surprising considering their focus on AI this year. Amazon and Tesla, which were among investors’ top choices last quarter, continued to rank highly, although slightly fewer respondents picked them out as beneficiaries of the AI trend.

Q: Do You Plan To Invest More Or Less Money Over The Next 3 Months?

Investors are staying the course

Despite a more bullish sentiment, half of investors plan to keep steady with their investing plans, putting the same amount into markets as they have been so far. Slightly less than a third plan to invest more, and only 16% plan to reduce the amount they invest over the next three months.

Invest Less
Invest More
Invest The Same

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