Attest partners with Finimize to enable growth without guesswork

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What is Attest?

Attest is a consumer research platform on a mission to make research simple. It enables businesses to develop a deep understanding of their audience, minimize risks and increase decision-making confidence. It offers a number of solutions including brand tracking, consumer profiling, market analysis, creative testing, and new product development. Attest has access to 125 million people across 58 countries.

What do we love about Attest?

Attest is redefining how user research is done. Attest has 3 layers of quality control built into their platform – both human and automated. It allows brands to put the customer at the heart of every decision and enables business growth without guesswork.  It gives confidence in every decision with the right insight, at the right time.

How is Finimize helping Attest?

The main objectives of Attest are brand awareness and encouraging readers to discover more by using the platform. The Finimize audience makes an excellent match for Attest. 56% of the Finimize Community members identify as the key decision-makers within their businesses, and 11% are C-level executives. Together with Finimize, Attest is running a promotional campaign in our Finimize Daily Newsletter, focusing on educating Finimize members on how consumer understanding can become a competitive advantage for any business.

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