Delta partners with Finimize to engage the modern investor community

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Who is Delta Investment Tracker?

Delta Investment Tracker is an app that tracks all your asset portfolios in one place, including cryptos, stocks, NFTs, funds, and more. It gives you a crystal clear overview of all your assets and informs you how they are performing.

What does our community love about Delta?

Modern investors are busy people with investments sometimes spread across multiple platforms, which can make it challenging to keep track. Our community-driven audience of over 1 million investors regularly look to each other for advice on solutions, and Delta’s platform is often recommended. The app gives our community the tools to make better decisions, empowering them to save time and focus on improving their wealth and quality of life.

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How is Finimize helping Delta Investment tracker?

We’re working in partnership to help our community understand the importance of building an all-weather portfolio and what true diversification means among different asset classes. We’ve teamed up to create an educational campaign focused on the meaning and benefits of asset diversification. Our multi-channel campaign includes custom content creation hosted on the Finimize website, a workshop, and leveraging the Finimize Daily Newsletter for content distribution and promotional messages.

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