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Who is IG?

IG.com is a leading global retail trading and investment platform on a mission to power the pursuit of financial freedom for the ambitious. Established in 1974, IG has a long history of innovating to keep up with the needs of the market and to best serve customers. IG takes steps every day to equip ambitious and self-directed investors with the tools, know-how, and confidence they need to navigate financial markets.

Why do we love IG?

IG takes an education-first approach to help folk on their investing journeys. IG Academy is a case in point: the platform is a knowledge hub designed to educate and inspire investors, helping them choose the right products at the right time to meet their personal financial goals. IG also shares up-to-the-minute market analysis and content to help put ever-changing economic markets in context.

How’s Finimize helping IG?

We share IG’s passion for education – we both firmly believe financial education is key to making more people aware and engaged, and ultimately encouraging them to own their financial futures. That’s why we teamed up with IG to complement their flagship campaign, Invest Yourself, which aims to level up investors’ confidence and skills. Over the next three months, we’re focusing on critical topics that address the core concerns of the Finimize community: Principles of Investing, How to Start Investing, and Finding Your Investment Style.

Working with IG, Finimize is taking a multi-channel approach to drive awareness, trust, and engagement. Our analysts produce a high-quality, educational guide hosted on the Finimize website for each month’s topic. The guide serves as a content hub and demand engine for IG – both within our own Community and beyond.

In addition, we’re co-hosting a “deep dive” event that will deliver even more information about the topic of the month: IG’s chief market analyst Chris Beauchamp and portfolio manager Martin Harris will share timely and thoughtful insights that dig deeper into each month’s selected topic. The live Q&A that follows is designed to give viewers a chance to ask about the trends and themes that matter most to them.

Education can help investors flourish: that’s the keystone of our partnership with IG, driving engagement through the clued-in Finimize Community.

Investing 101: IG X Finimize Community Events

Where To Invest In 2023 - Jan 16, 2023

IG's Chief Market analyst Chris Beauchamp shares how to start your investment journey this new year.
Hosted by Theodora Lee Joseph

Stocks, Bonds, Or Funds - Feb 14, 2023

IG's Portfolio manager, Martin Harris, will explain asset classes and how to create a diversified portfolio that suits your goals. Hosted by Theodora Lee Joseph

The DIY Investor - April 27, 2023

Join IG's Chief Market analyst, Chris Beauchamp, who'll share how new investors can level themselves up to achieve financial freedom. Hosted by Theodora Lee Joseph

Register for the event: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/investing-101-the-diy-investor-tickets-547328693857

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