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Who is Magnifi?

Magnifi is an AI-powered platform that's reinventing personal investing across the United States. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all robo advisor or a traditional brokerage app, Magnifi's blend of execution and AI assistance helps investors build tailored strategies, stay on track to meet their goals, and maintain total control over their own financial futures. CNBC calls it 'ChatGPT meets Robinhood', and we like to think of it as a co-pilot for your investing—like Siri or Alexa went to investing school.

Why do we love Magnifi?

Magnifi's at the forefront of the AI revolution, empowering both novice and seasoned investors to take control of their financial journeys. By combining personalized guidance with powerful AI, Magnifi enables retail investors to tap into the zeitgeist and conquer barriers like limited knowledge, time constraints, or lack of experience. Plus, the platform helps users make the leap from theory to practice – letting them execute their strategies directly through the platform – while AI helps with tricky and time-consuming tasks like diversification and performance tracking. It's that blend of insightful AI education and real-time investing that makes Magnifi a groundbreaking partner and a perfect match for Finimize.

How's Finimize helping Magnifi?

Empowering retail investors is a core, shared goal for Finimize and Magnifi. And with Magnifi on a mission to attract users to its platform, we’ve decided to come together and help pave the way for an exciting new era of AI-driven investing.  

Our three-month collaboration is ambitious: we’re crafting an educational guide, co-hosting a number of webinars, and getting together for a deep-dive podcast. That’s helping our community get up to speed on how AI is changing investing – while highlighting how Magnifi’s tools can help them stay ahead of the curve, conduct faster and better research, and revolutionize their investing strategies.

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