Masterworks Partners with Finimize to Educate Retail Investors On Investments in the $1,7 Trillion Art Market

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Who is Masterworks?  

Investing in fine art and collectibles has been reserved for the wealthy for most of history. Well, now that’s changing: Masterworks allows retail investors to invest in fine art through shares, so they can make alternatives part of their diversified investment portfolios. 

Why we love Masterworks 

If you have always dreamed about owning a Banksy, Warhol, Picasso, or Basquiat, but couldn’t afford the whole piece, Masterworks is the investment platform for you. So far 550,000+ have signed up to stake a claim of the global art market, whose total value is estimated to exceed $1.7 trillion. Masterworks focuses on blue-chip art, which is art produced by the top 100 artists whose work is the most reliably profitable. In fact, contemporary  art has appreciated by 13.9% annually from 1995 to 2022 outperforming the S&P 500.  Masterworks uses a proprietary data set to quickly understand which artist markets are accelerating, and passes that knowledge onto its investors through a user-friendly platform. Seven of Masterworks’ last eight exits realized a net return of +17.8%. There are no minimum investment requirements.

How Finimize is helping Masterworks

In a recent Finimize Community survey, 30% of respondents said they had an interest in alternative asset investments. That’s been a common theme in the Finimize community, but it’s become even more popular this year as retail investors look to hedge against rampant market volatility and inflation. 

Masterworks first collaborated with Finimize in 2018, when we jointly launched a community-focused educational campaign – the Investing In Art Guide – to facilitate evergreen growth. Flash forward, and this latest campaign is focused on continuing that education while driving awareness of the Masterworks brand. The campaign will be running across our Finimize Daily Newsletter in the coming weeks.

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