Meet Moneybox at the Annual Modern Investor Summit

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Who is Moneybox?

Moneybox is a saving and investing app that helps investors achieve their financial goals, whether that’s building wealth, buying a home, or planning for retirement. By linking your bank account to the app, you can round up your everyday purchase to the nearest pound and the difference will automatically be deposited into your savings account or investment product. The service is currently available to UK customers.  

What do we love about Moneybox?

Moneybox is on a mission to democratize and simplify wealth-building for everyone. After all, most people in the UK don’t get sufficient financial education, the wealth industry has been reserved for the small minority, establishing good financial habits can be challenging, and frankly, the whole financial services industry can be pretty overwhelming. Moneybox makes every step of saving and investing simple and accessible.  

How’s Finimize helping Moneybox?

Moneybox will join our annual Modern Investor Summit in London for an in-person session on December 7, 2022. The Modern Investor Summit is the only large-scale event designed specifically for retail investors, and will cover key topics ranging from the outlook for 2023 to Web3 to alternative assets. The focus of the campaign is to educate retail investors about navigating markets in the current economic climate, constructing a long-term investment portfolio, and building their wealth with confidence. In addition, Moneybox is also running promotions across the Finimize Daily Newsletter and social channels to reach our one million-plus community of modern retail investors.

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