Learn About Alternative Assets with Splint Invest at the Modern Investor Summit

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Who is Splint Invest? 

Diversified portfolios tend to perform better, especially in volatile market conditions. Splint Invest is on a mission to help retail investors diversify their portfolios by making investing in alternative assets such as rare whiskies, fine wines, luxury goods, and private equity accessible. 

Why do we love Splint Invest? 

Investing in alternative assets can be time-consuming and expensive for retail investors. Splint Invest solves the main complexities. They pre-select and vet suppliers, provide relevant and timely information about the assets, and make it affordable - investments begin from 50 EUR. Every investment is backed by an actual physical asset insured and stored in optimal conditions. 

How is Finimize helping Splint Invest? 

Sprint Invest will join Finimize for the annual Modern Investor Summit. You'll hear from Splint Invest's Head of Investments and Co-Founder Mario von Bergen, who will join a panel of alternative investment experts. In addition, we'll be running an educational campaign across several Finimize channels, including our Daily Newsletter. 

The Modern Investor Summit is happening on Dec 6-7, both online and in person, in London. It's the only large-scale event designed specifically for the retail investors' community and will cover critical topics ranging from the outlook for 2023 to Web3 to alternative assets. 

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