Helping TradeStation to drive awareness and trust with 1m+ modern investors

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Who is Tradestation?

TradeStation empowers modern investors to unlock their trading and investor potential regardless of their level of expertise. It offers a full suite of powerful trading technology, online brokerage services, and trading education.

What do we love about TradeStation?

TradeStation is one of the most holistic investment platforms. It covers various asset classes including stocks, exchange-traded funds or crypto. TradeStation has relevance to a number of Finimize community segments, including those who only just started investing as well as more advanced investors.

How Finimize is helping TradeStation?

We teamed up with TradeStation to drive awareness and build trust within the Finimize community for TradeStation’s services. At Finimize we understand that modern investors are time-poor, community-driven and action-oriented. We’ve designed our partner campaign approach with these attributes in mind. Given the current macroeconomic situation, Finimize members are focused on building crisis-resistant portfolios. Diversification is key and TradeStation empowers its customers to achieve exactly that.

We planned a holistic campaign that includes a series of the Finimize Daily Newsletter features, webinars and evergreen content. This strategy allows us to drive immediate and high-intent engagement for TradeStation’s services. In addition, we co-produce and host educational content on the Finimize website, to ensure long-term sustainable growth for our partners.

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