Finimize partners with Unstoppable Domains to give superpowers to crypto owners

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Who is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains is the #1 provider of non-fungible token (NFT) domains on the blockchain. They’re on a mission to onboard the world onto the decentralized web by building blockchain-based domain names. These domains allow users to replace cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable names, host decentralized websites, simplify crypto payments, and much more.

What do we love about Unstoppable?

Finimize has an engaged community of NFT lovers, with 12% investing in NFTs and 79% investing in crypto in 2021. Unstoppable allows its users to create their own fully decentralized and uncensorable websites that they truly own. The platform also makes it possible to replace cryptocurrency addresses with real, human names. This makes it easier to send crypto and interact with the decentralized web (Web3). We also love partnering with good businesses — Unstoppable has been named one of America’s Best Startup Employers for 2022 by Forbes.

How is Finimize helping Unstoppable?

We’re working with Unstoppable to educate and delight our crypto-engaged community. Our multi-channel campaign partnership includes bespoke web content, newsletter placements, social promotion, and features at the Finimize NFT Fest. The core messaging explain web3 and NFT domains simply to our community to help them own their digital identity. As part of the campaign, Unstoppable is also offering NFT domain giveaways.

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