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Finimize Events

What's going on?

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Finimize events were the first truly community-centric education format we introduced. They became our starting point for building a suite of products that modern retail investors really care about. Today we execute between 300 and 500 events per year, and in 2021 alone, more than 100,000 modern retail investors attended, learning from industry experts like Bill Ford and investor icons such as Mark Cuban and Tim Draper.

We’ve developed our own community-centric events flywheel to offer high-quality events at scale. At the heart of this endeavor are our community hosts, who run our Finimize Community Events: 200 super-committed individuals united by the mission to empower modern retail investors. They help us organize and customize the educational rationale of our events around the world, allowing us to be local, reactive, and in touch with what interests our investor community the most.

We offer online and in-person Finimize Brand Events and Modern Investor Summits. Both formats are run by our community team and focus on whatever’s caught the attention of our community at the time. Past topics include investment strategies, macro outlooks, various asset classes, and sector-specific investing opportunities. Brand Events usually attract around 150-500 attendees, depending on the topic and the industry. Summits attract over 15,000 ticket holders (RSVPs), and our members dive deep into a range of different topics over the course of two days.

Why should partners care?

Finimize Promotional Events are a core part of our Promotional Solutions. In Promotional Campaigns, we use events to give our partner brands a face and develop brand trust. Our partners add value and connect with the most engaged and active members of the Finimize community. Our members often turn into brand advocates, carrying your brand message inside and outside the Finimize community.
About our community
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Events further help us unravel what really matters to our investor community, giving partners a chance to learn first-hand about our members’ current needs and questions. This sets us up to capture their interest at scale using ultra-relevant and informed promotional messaging across Finimize channels, including our newsletter, socials, and website.

An additional benefit of sponsoring Finimize events is driving brand awareness at scale – partners receive up to 1 million brand impressions as we promote the event across our channels.

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members attended in 2021


of them invest


of attendees take action after a Finimize event



Establish your thought leadership


Build trust with your customers through direct interaction


Encourage word-of-mouth advertising


Gain community insights via the Q&A


Execute ultra-relevant campaigns


Acquire customers

How does it work?

Partners can sponsor and speak at our online and real-world events. Both formats can be customized to our partners’ needs: the location, conversation format, duration, and branding can all be tailored to find the perfect fit.
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Event Sponsorship

Expected Performance

  • Brand impressions ≈ 🇬🇧 150k;  🇪🇺 250k; 🇺🇸 1m

  • RSVPs: 300-500

  • Attendees: 100-350

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Event Sponsorship

Expected Performance

  • Brand impressions ≈ 🇬🇧 150k; 🇪🇺 250k; 🇺🇸 1m

  • RSVPs: 200-400

  • Attendees: 80-200

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How to deliver a successful event

In short – we’ve got you. Our in-house community team will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to organizing your events. To kick things off, you’ll meet the team and decide on an event topic that appeals to our members’ current interests and dovetails with your thought leadership positioning. Here we usually apply our latest community insights to make the topic as interesting, and the event as popular as possible.

On the back of that, the team will promote the event on the Finimize newsletter and social channels to drive RSVPs and attendees. And at the event, the team will coordinate and run the session – so all you need to do is show up.

In order to increase relevance and impact, we highly recommend running a sponsored event as part of one of our promotional campaign packages.