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Growth Content

What's going on?

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Our Guides are simple, on-point resources covering everything from personal finance to trading advanced stocks. They are core to our educational approach. The content is produced by our in-house analysts, fully SEO-optimised and hosted on the Finimize website. The guides take 3-5 minutes to read and are 700 - 1,000 words long.

Why should partners care?

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Growth content is the key driver for thought leadership and brand awareness. It supports overall campaign narrative, aids conversations and can be turned into an evergreen growth engine for your services and products.

How does it work?

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Together we define a relevant educational message centric on retail investor community needs and your business goals e.g. ‘Building Good Investing Habits’,Investing in Art’ etc. Our in-house content team will produce SEO-optimised long-form growth content. We’ll host the content on our website in the Guides section.
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How to produce high-impact social content?

Over the last 5 years, we’ve developed a good understanding of what makes retail investors tick. Our in-house content team will work with you to define the messaging and content strategy. We produce jargon-free, SEO-optimized editorial content that helps with the educational needs of modern retail investors.