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What's going on?

Hundreds of thousands of time-poor, community-driven retail investors turn to Finimize every single day, determined to grow their skills and become better investors. Become a key part of our community's learning experience, and you could directly engage with and convert retail investors.

Our education-centric promotional campaigns align your solutions with our community members' needs. With an event-led campaign, you can connect with one of the biggest and most engaged retail investor communities in the world – live. You’ll build brand awareness with tailored campaigns, featuring multiple touchpoints, and inspire trust by demonstrating your specific expertise.

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Why should I care?

By speaking at a custom online or real-life Finimize event, you can highlight a headline topic that aligns your solutions with our community's interests. This demonstrates thought leadership and builds trust among attending retail investors.

For one, this approach converts engaged retail investors into customers by demonstrating your ability to solve their problems. And for another, the insights gathered – that's questions, comments, and feedback – will partly inform further promotional messaging, to ensure campaigns in the Finimize Daily Newsletter and social channels are extremely relevant to our community's needs.

And the best bit: you can take a hands-off approach. Our community team will put together a high-impact showcase that demonstrates your solutions, and collect feedback and questions from an engaged audience.

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How does it work?

Showcase your educational value and directly engage with active retail investors. You'll gain insight into your target audience via live community engagement, and promote your solutions across a reduced and event-centric multi-channel approach.

Step One

Together, we'll define a relevant educational message that best highlights your services and resonates with our community of retail investors. Say, "How to Pick Stocks?" or "How to Trade Options?".

Step Two

You'll speak at and sponsor a custom Finimize event, either online or in real life, and discuss a headline topic that aligns with your key educational message and services. This should demonstrate your thought leadership, and show our community that you're a trustworthy source that could add real value to their existing setups.

As a result, you can create brand advocates and acquire some of our most engaged members as your customers – 40% of them take financial action after attending a Finimize event, after all. What's more, you'll discover which problems our members want to solve, helping you address their needs at scale in your promotional message via our newsletter and social promotions.

Step Three

We'll create and run native, ultra-relevant promotions across the Finimize Daily Newsletter and social channels to drive acquisition at scale. Your messaging will incorporate takeaways from your event to best address the needs of our investor community, and introduce your services as a solution.

One month event-led campaign

Finimize campaigns are booked as monthly commitments.
Expected impact and cost vary based on the campaign type, target audience, and budget.


  • Exposure to a US audience of 550,000 retail investors
  • One promotional webinar
  • Three newsletter promotions
  • Approximate budget of $18,500

Expected Impact

  • Approximately 2.75 million relevant brand impressions
  • 450 - 1,000 webinar RSVPs
  • 150 - 450 webinar attendees
  • Approximately 1,500 - 3,000 clicks to partner's channels

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