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A complete content engine for investment platforms

A smarter way for investment platforms to educate and engage customers
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Boost acquisition, engagement and retention with better content

Smarter investors are more valuable customers. We’ve spent years perfecting how to up-skill retail investors with informative content leading to better outcomes for both platforms and consumers.


More trades placed after consuming educational content


Higher customer retention among educated customers


More content engagement than industry average
Leverage our expertise to engage individual investors at scale.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Truly great content stands out. Using Finimize’s API, it's easy to bring bite-sized market updates, industry analysis, and engaging educational content into your platform and differentiate from the competition. Our content is crafted specifically for the modern investor, and is available in audio to reach them on the go.

Boost Engagement, The Right Way

Educated investors are more active investors. Our content is designed to build investor confidence and spark ideas. Bring financial content into your app to re-engage investors, or use it as a bridge to drive additional product adoption.

Personalize To Customer Interests

Personalization is no longer a luxury: it's a necessity. And with Finimize, it's simple. Our advanced tagging system underpins our content, covering asset classes, geographies, and FIGIs, as well as various investor interests and experience levels. You can leverage this system to curate a personalized content strategy for customers of different risk profiles, portfolio sizes, demographics, and more.

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"Finimize assists modern investors with critical financial decisions and is very highly rated with key demographics. Its news service, community building capabilities, customer insight and technological capabilities will further assist the transformation of abrdn into a truly client-led organisation and support a step change in our capabilities."

Stephen Bird

"I’m such a fan of what the team has built at Finimize, I’m thrilled to be a part of it."

Sallie Krawcheck

“It’s harder than you think to write content that’s both accessible and accurate. With Finimize, I know I can trust the quality and not have to worry about reviewing everything before it is published: I can focus on building an amazing product.”

Alexandros Christodoulakis
Co-founder & CEO





How can you use Finimize’s content platform?

Education Hubs

Use our content to form a hub of education, news, and insights, ideal for engaging customers keen to level up.

Build Trust

Delight your customers with reliable, expert-led content that they’ll actually enjoy reading.

Fintech Apps

Pull a daily news feed or full educational library into your product via our API.


Highlight your brand to active modern investors using promotional campaigns across our platforms.

Multichannel Campaigns

Directly connect with retail investors across multiple channels by co-producing live events and informational guides.

Custom Newsletters

Roll out your own newsletters and get eyeballs on your updates on a scheduled basis.


Is Finimize content compliant?

Is Finimize content compliant?

Is Finimize content compliant?

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