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Finimize for Business helps you engage, educate, and empower modern investors.

about finimize
Finimize is the #1 information platform for modern investors. We empower people to become smarter investors with bite-sized insights from world-class analysts, and we’re increasing the net worth of a generation by transforming how financial services use content to attract, retain, and empower modern investors.
our purpose

We’re partnering with the financial services industry to increase the net worth of an entire generation

At Finimize, we started with a mission to increase the net worth of a generation. Modern investors had the motivation and investing tools they needed to take control of their finances but they were held back by the overwhelming library of dense, contradictory, and – quite frankly – dull educational resources available to them.

We developed a community, found out what they wanted, and got to work creating smart, focused, jargon-free investing insights that people would want to read. It’s been seven years since then: over one million readers have subscribed, world-renowned speakers regularly headline our community events, and Apple dubbed us one of the top ten finance apps in the world.

Modern investors now have the information they need to work towards wealth. The only problem: their financial services aren’t keeping up. That’s why we started Finimize for Business: using our years of research, experience, and expertise, we can help stop your business from falling behind.

We’ve helped over 300 brands, from fintechs to traditional financial firms, reinvent how they engage with modern investors, demonstrating how the right content and communication with our financially educated and engaged investor community can transform consumer engagement, acquisition, and retention.

The future winners in financial services will be the businesses that transform the way they build relationships with investors.

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our values

Bringing empowerment-led community culture to financial services

We believe in being human

We aren’t a faceless company: we’re a team putting our members’ best interests at heart.

We believe in empowering, not advising

We don’t tell Finimizers what to do or how to invest: we give our members what they need to make assured, independent decisions for themselves.

We believe in staying unbiased and apolitical

We don’t take sides, but we always remember that we have a global community with local concerns.

We believe we’re better together

We’re citizens in a community working towards the same goal. Becoming rich is lonely, increasing the net worth of an entire generation is fulfilling.

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Our office is located at 280 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4AG, although our team is spread around the world.

For business partnerships, visit our business page or email business@finimize.com

Any issues? You can always email help@finimize.com for support.

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